Please Review Points

Everyone PLEASE review the point sheets.  If you feel any errors have
been made, contact Karen right away. She will be forwarding points to
Augusta with the World qualifiers on December 20, 2019.

PLEASE remember that awards will be given to the top 5 in every division
EXCEPT the 4D in the point sheets – this is a division that is NOT paid
at the jackpots, it is added only to allow more people to qualify for
the World shows. Also, any ties for awards are determined by the number
of shows attended.  For example, if two individuals are tied for 5th
place the one who attended the most shows throughout 2019 will receive
the awards.  However, for qualification to World shows EVERYONE who is
tied for a position qualifies to attend the World shows.

Don’t hesitate to contact Karen if you have any question or need further
clarification.  She will be posting the final World youth and open
qualifiers by December 20, 2019 and those who will be receiving awards
will be set out in a separate file and uploaded to our website by
December 20, 2019.