Welcome to district FL03 of the National Barrel Horse Association, covering Brevard, Indian River, Okeechobee, Orange, Osceola and St. Lucie Counties.  Thank you again for being wonderful members – it is an awesome group we have and I appreciate all of your support.  LOOKING FORWARD TO ANOTHER GREAT YEAR OF BARREL RACING IN 2018!  See ya down the road!    – Karen

2017 Top 5 Award Winners

2017 World Qualifiers: Open · Teen/Youth


Okeechobee Stall/Hook-Up Form


Important updates

IMPORTANT!  The draw for the 2018 State Show has been posted for two weeks now, giving everyone the chance to see who is entered.  AFTER THE FIRST HORSE RUNS ON WEDNESDAY, SHOW MANAGEMENT WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY COMPLAINTS REGARDING CONTESTANT ELIGIBILITY!  Speak up NOW if you have any questions or comments.

Brandon Equine Medical Center will once again be hosting educational seminars during the State Show.  Click here for more info.

The schedule for State changed when the draw was posted.  Please be sure to check the new schedule for proper start times.

Postmark deadline for State Show entries 5/7 – don’t forget!

The 2018 Triple Crown Super Show will now be held in the Reaves Arena! Get ready for Youth World and enter up! Check out the flyer!

State Show Hook-Ups are now SOLD OUT.

Our awards ceremony will be held in Cocoa at our show on April 28, 2018.  We will have exhibition at 10am, awards approximately 11:30am and show to follow.  You MUST attend to received your awards, or arrange for someone to pick them up, please.  If you do not, you WILL forfeit them.

BIG THANK YOU!! to Amy Ramie for volunteering to schedule our remaining show for this year.  We will have these posted as we get them set.

GREAT NEWS!  NBHA has decided to once again allow the Top 10 Qualifiers for each division to attend Youth and Open World in Perry in 2018!  Any ties for 10th resulted in all being qualified for World.

Top 10 Qualifiers for World in every Open and Senior Division, as well as the 10 Teen (13 or older as of 1/1/17) and 10 Youth (12 or younger as of 1/1/17) have been emailed to Augusta.  If there are not ten on the list, it is because there were not enough Seniors of Kids in their division to place a full ten to qualify.  Please remember that the Youth is divided into Teen/Youth depending on the ages of the kids as outlined above.

Any ties for awards for the Top 5 in divisions 1, 2, 3 and 5 will be determined by number of shows contestants competed in during 2017.  If tied members have been to the same number of shows, the lowest time run at our show at Flamm’s on 12/2/17 determined the winner.  The 4D listed in our points spreadsheet is for qualification to World Show ONLY  There are no awards given for the 4D in Open, Seniors or Youth.  This is an additional division added by NBHA so that more people may qualify for the World Show, but it is not paid out at our shows, nor are awards given.


Qualification for the 2018 florida state show

June 2017 – June 2018
Competing in THREE (3) NBHA shows WITHIN YOUR DISTRICT, within this time frame is mandatory for eligibility.  Don’t wait and miss qualifying!

IMPORTANT! KEEP TRACK OF YOUR SHOWS – You will be required to list them on your State Show entry form, and if you do not know which shows that you attended, you will have to review the results from all the shows to determine which ones that you ran in!